Detailed Schedule of Events

EMSC Telehealth Collaborative Webinar

Date: August 25 @ 4:00 ET / 3:00 CT & August 31 @ 4:00 ET / 3:00 CT

We will host two webinars that will provide information about the upcoming telehealth collaborative and answer any questions that you may have. This webinar will include an overview of the collaborative, the telehealth advisory council, and information about the application process. If you cannot join either of these webinars, we will be recording them and posting the slides and recording on our website here.

Applications Open

Date: September 15 - October 31

Applications for this collaborative are now open. Applicants will be asked to complete this survey that will serve as the application. It is highly recommended that you utilize the Application Reference Document to aid in the application process. All applications must be submitted by October 31st at 11:59 PM CT in order to be considered for collaborative participation.

Notification of Selection

Date: November 30

Notifications of selection will be sent out to applicants by November 30th.

Environmental Scan

Date: December 1 - 31

Before the official launch, each team will complete an Environmental Scan. The purpose of this environmental scan is to 1) conduct a baseline assessment of your state partnership program’s current telehealth work and 2) to inform us, the collaborative administrative team, of the current telehealth work at your state/ territory so that we can ensure the activities of this collaborative complement ongoing efforts and are appropriate for your state/ territory's level of telehealth so that this collaborative is a valuable use of your time.

Official Launch & Welcome

Date: January 2021

We will launch the collaborative via teleconference with introductions of all our participants and subject matter experts. We will review our expectations, goals, review the data collection process, and give an overview of the importance of telehealth.

January 1 - 31

Topic Area #1: Common challenges and needs facing CYSHCN

Topic Area #2: Common challenges and needs facing children with behavioral health emergencies

February 1 - 28

Topic Area #3: Impact of public health crises on CYSHCN and behavioral health emergencies

Topic Area #4: Identification of resources across states to support the needs of the target populations

March 1 - 31

Topic Area #5: Potential uses of telehealth including assessment, stabilization, management, continuity of care, and increased access to emergency care

Topic Area #6: Workforce development and engagement for the target populations

April 1 - 30

Topic Area #7: Infrastructure and regulatory requirements to support telehealth

Topic Area #8: Metrics identification for telehealth use in children with emergency care needs

May 1 - June 30

Topic Area #9: Implementation strategies to enhance access to emergency care in the target populations

Learning Sessions

The first session of each month will provide an overview of guidance derived from the Advisory Council’s input on select focus areas. The second learning session of each month will provide an opportunity for participants to report out on state/territory-specific findings, assessments, and activities. Strategies to evaluate, engage, and implement any potential activities will be discussed.

Calendar invites for the Learning Sessions are available. However, they will not be made publicly available on this site. Please email John Bohls, MHA at for the call information.