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The EMS for Children Innovation and Improvement Center is excited to announce an upcoming HRSA-EMSC sponsored Telehealth Collaborative to launch in January 2021 and continue through June 30th, 2021. The primary purpose of this collaborative is to evaluate the impact of public health crises on children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and children with behavioral health emergencies, assess telehealth capacities, and provide guidance and support to improve access to emergency pediatric services particularly in rural, tribal, and territorial areas. Participating states/ territories will be eligible for additional funding to support implementation efforts.

Participating teams will:

  1. Identify at least 3 challenges facing these vulnerable populations due to public health crises
  2. Complete an environmental scan of the state/territory infrastructure to support the use of telehealth in the target population
  3. Develop a strategic plan for the implementation of telehealth services for the target population.

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Introductory Webinar

August 25 & 31, 2020

During this introductory webinar, Dr. Kate Remick gave an overview of the collaborative and answered questions about the application process.

Click here to download the slides

Collaborative Activities

The collaborative will begin with an environmental scan of each state partnership program. The aim of the environmental scan is to inform the collaborative of the telehealth activities at each state partnership program so that collaborative activities can integrate with ongoing telehealth efforts within each state partnership program. Participants will then progress through a series of biweekly learning sessions from January to June 2021. Each learning session (conducted via teleconference) will be led by members of the EMSC Telehealth Advisory Council and will focus on the following focus areas:

  1. Common challenges and needs facing CYSHCN
  2. Common challenges and needs facing children with behavioral health emergencies
  3. Impact of public health crises on CYSHCN and behavioral health emergencies
  4. Identification of resources across states to support the needs of the target populations
  5. Potential uses of telehealth including assessment, stabilization, management, continuity of care, and increased access to emergency care
  6. Workforce development and engagement for the target populations
  7. Infrastructure and regulatory requirements to support telehealth
  8. Metrics identification for telehealth use in children with emergency care needs
  9. Implementation strategies to enhance access to emergency care in the target populations

State partnership programs with rural, tribal, or territorial areas are especially encouraged to apply for this collaborative. All state partnership programs are welcome to participate regardless of location, patient volume, or pediatric expertise.

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