Pediatric Readiness Community of Practice

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Pediatric Readiness Community of Practice (A subcommittee of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Emergency Medicine)

This group was originally formed as a Special Interest Group in 2009 to complement pediatric readiness efforts in conjunction with the first National Pediatric Readiness Survey.

Mission: To create a community of practice (COP) of AAP and non-AAP stakeholders with a shared passion/interest to improve pediatric readiness.

This COP fosters collaboration and awareness of work with a goal of learning how to do this work better as the group interacts regularly in efforts to improve pediatric readiness.

As pediatric readiness efforts have expanded from emergency departments to other areas the group has expanded to include activities related to Prehospital Emergency Care, Hospital Inpatient Care, Pediatric Critical Care, Urgent Care, and Primary Care.

Leadership Structure:
Chair: Theresa Walls, Vice Chair: Joyce Li

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2021 Webinars: June 8, September 14, December 14 2pm EST

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