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We are excited to report that the group is now both a COP and a standing subcommittee of the AAP Section of Emergency Medicine.

About our Group

In the hospital/community you work in are you aware of the how ready the emergency department is to care for children? Most EDs in the country have completed a pediatric readiness survey that measures compliance with the Joint Policy Statement: guidelines for care of children in the ED (American College of Emergency Physicians, Emergency Nurses Association, AAP, HRSA) and provides them with a score. This survey is conducted every 5-10 years and 2020 will be a survey year.

Unfortunately, PEDIATRIC CARE IS UNEVEN across the US and recent research has noted that EDs with the lowers scores have up to a four-fold increase in pediatric mortality!

In order to ensure that ALL children get the highest quality of care across the US (and that all EDs are pediatric ready) we need YOU to get involved in pediatric readiness work!


The AAP Section of Emergency Medicine, National Pediatric Readiness Project (NPRP) Special Interest Group invites hospitalists to join our pediatric readiness Community of Practice (COP) to foster collaboration and awareness of ongoing work between our two groups. A COP is "a group of people who share a concern/passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly."

By providing your information you will become a member of the COP and receive access to resources and activities including collaborative scholarly projects, webinars, and surveys (no more than one email a month).

If you are interested in becoming part of this COP, please SIGN UP NOW


Check out one of the WI PECCs!

“We reached out to Children’s Health Alliance for some training that we needed,” he said. “And when they asked us to consider having a PECC, we jumped at the opportunity and it opened a lot of doors for us.”

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Survey Results: Peds Ready SIG

Peds Ready SIG survey results (as of April 2019). Download here: NPRP CoP SIG Survey Results

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