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Issue #86 | Aug. 31, 2023

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75th Anniversary of Pediatrics Articles - 12 Landmark Articles

Three of these (bolded below), one published in each quarter century of Pediatrics, were selected as having advanced paradigms of PEM and pediatric prehospital care.

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NASEMSO Annual Meeting 2024 - May 12-1

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  • Sarita Chung, MD, of the EMSC Innovation & Improvement Center (EIIC) and Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN), was appointed by the AAP Board as the Chairperson for the AAP Council on Children and Disasters (COCD) beginning July 1. Brent Kaziny, MD, of the EIIC and PPN was appointed to the AAP Executive Committee of COCD.
  • Corrie Chumpitazi, MD, MS, a site principal investigator for the EIIC and PPN, has taken on a new role leading the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Duke University School of Medicine. Chumpitazi will continue in her roles at EIIC and PPN.

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Articles with an asterisk (*) reference work related to EMSC and its grantees

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