Family Advisory Network (FAN) Mail!

Welcome to new FAN Project Manager, Jennifer Talley


There’s a new face around the EMSC/EIIC these days; please join us in welcoming Jennifer Talley to the team. Jennifer assumed the role of FAN/Advocacy Program Manager on September 28th. She is based at the University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Center for Child Health Policy in Cleveland, Ohio. Jennifer has been with University Hospitals since 2018; prior to this position she worked in Ambulatory Operations, assisting with the onboarding, relocation, and departure of various providers to the UH system.

Jennifer has a wide-ranging career history, having previously worked as a K-12 teacher, a collegiate instructor, an assistant to several attorneys at The Florida Bar in Tallahassee, and as an office manager at a local arts non-profit in Cleveland. Her educational background is similarly diverse; she earned dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music Education and Music Theory from Indiana State University in 2007, a Master of Music degree in Musicology in 2009 from Florida State University, and has completed coursework and preliminary examinations towards a PhD in Musicology. Currently, she is working towards an MBA-MPH from Cleveland State University, with an expected graduation date of 2024.

Jennifer has a passion for people and their stories: she finds joy in working with individuals (oftentimes through the medium of their music), helping to bring perhaps otherwise obscure stories to wider attention. She was drawn to this position because she has witnessed firsthand the power of storytelling in advocating for change. Furthermore, the ESMC/EIIC mission aligns strongly with her life’s goal of being a voice for the voiceless, be it children, marginalized communities, or other disenfranchised groups. She is greatly looking forward to helping the FAN grow into its new phase as part of the EMSC/EIIC 2.0 plan.

When not at work, Jennifer lives in University Heights, Ohio with her husband, Christian, and their four cats. In addition to music, she also enjoys gardening, the joys of first time home ownership, needlework, reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family. If you need to reach Jennifer, please feel free to contact her at

Underscoring the Importance of Child Health Day with the help of FAN


Child Health Day, a nationally-recognized Federal Observance Day, was celebrated on Monday, October 5. First observed in 1928 under President Calvin Coolidge, the day is intended to raise people’s awareness of the unique care and attention children require in order to develop into healthy adults.

To promote pediatric health and wellness initiatives, HRSA’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau launched a social media campaign, #5forKidsHealth. Over a span of five days, the campaign highlighted five elements key to promoting child health and health equity. These were summarized in the acronym CHILD:

C stands for Celebrate, and the focus of the day was data from the National Survey on Children’s Health.

H stands for Health Equity, and the day featured findings from the HRSA Maternal and Child Heath Bureau’s funded Home Visiting programs.

I stands for Innovation, and the day was devoted to information on Title V.

L stands for Leadership, and the spotlight was on the EMSC and the story of FAN member Julie Johnstone.

D stands for Dedication, and HRSA emphasized the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s commitment to equity and their assistance with 99% screening for newborn conditions.

We are grateful for HRSA’s support and promotion of our work, as well as Julie’s courage in sharing her story, which can be found in HRSA’s Maternal and Child Health Newsletter from October 5, 2020, under “Enduring the Best Outcomes for Children Experiencing a Medical/Traumatic Emergency.”

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