Welcome to the new Knowledge Management (KM) Domain at the EIIC: Building an exciting new resource to better serve you and the community

Knowledge Management

With this new HRSA EMSC grant cycle which began July 1, 2020, a trio of pediatric emergency medicine physicians from 3 national centers (California, Texas, and Connecticut) join Kate Remick and Charles Macias to complete the Executive Core of the EIIC. Joining them are Corrie Chumpitazi (Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital – Texas), Mohsen Saidinejad (The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation at Harbor UCLA – California), and Marc Auerbach (Yale University School of Medicine – Connecticut).

This team will be leading a newly formed Knowledge Management (KM) domain. The KM team has already been hard at work deliver knowledge and evidence based science in a variety of formats (webinars, podcasts, videos, learning modules, simulation cases, infographics, etc.) and to create a dynamic and comprehensive central home for knowledge synthesis, content creation and curation, and content dissemination, which will be hosted on the EIIC website: https://emscimprovement.center.

The three centers each have a specific focus area (Figure at left) and will work collaboratively to deliver the latest knowledge in diverse formats to match each EMSC target-audience’s needs: 1) scientific community (clinicians and researchers), 2) EMSC stakeholders, 3) advocates, and 4) the public.

The KM domain team has already been hard at work and is fortunate to have this opportunity to integrate the existing EIIC dissemination committee membership and workstreams into these expanded efforts. The first KM domain work-product focuses on status epilepticus. The group “hit the ground running” July 1 and has completed a needs assessment of selected target-audiences that has informed ideas through brainstorming and led to the development of content/tools that are ready for testing and feedback.

Example of work already completed or in progress for status epilepticus include:

  1. Scientific community: nursing simulation video (pending completion), hospital-based physician didactic (completed), EMS podcasts (completed)
  2. Public- parent podcast (completed)
  3. Advocates- (inplanning – format to be determined)
  4. EMSC stakeholders- (in planning – format to be determined)

Our goal at the KM domain is to continue to evolve and improve to better serve your needs. We aim to involve active engagement of individuals from each target-audience and WE NEED YOU!

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