Diana Fendya Honored at Grantee Meeting


In the August EMSCPulse, Diana Fendya’s anticipated retirement from the EMSC program was announced. After nearly 30 years of dedication to the emergency care of children across our nation, Diana will formally retire at the end of October. Her husband, grandchildren and other family members are looking forward to spending some quality time with her – especially on Hot Dog Thursday nights!

At the EMSC All Grantee Meeting in August, there was special recognition for Diana. HRSA & the EIIC arranged for a literal blank spot in the meeting agenda providing time for EMSC leaders, past and present, to gather to surprise Diana while acknowledging her long time contributions to the success of the national program. Theresa “Tee” Morrison-Quinata presented her with a plaque inscribed with, “Diana you will always be one of the original EMSC trailblazers and pioneers. No matter the challenge, you were helping us to find a solution. For you, giving one hundred percent is a baseline. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and friendship. You will be missed by your EMSC family all across the US.”

Never at a loss for words, Diana eloquently closed the session with these words:

This program will never stand alone because of one individual, ever. It is a collaborative from the beginning to end. And it will not end because the needs of our kids will never be fully actualized. All of you play a very important role in making sure that happens. You extend the EMSC Program when you go out to hospitals encouraging them to participate in Peds Ready. You extend the program into the EMS world. Until everyone is well aware that children are unique. They have special needs and those needs and the care of them will continue to evolve to best practices because of our researchers. This program is a model for every program from my perspective. It is a true wonder to be here with each of you who have contributed.

For more more photos and a video of the brief session honoring Diana Fendya, check out this Facebook post. The video is in the comments

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