Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative: Moving Forward to Implementing Change

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The year 2018 served as foundation building opportunity in the Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative (PRQC) for both the trainers and pediatric champions. A multitude of learning sessions focused on quality improvement concepts/tools, collaboratives culture, intervention bundles and change strategies planned to address gaps in pediatric readiness. Baseline data and assessment information was gathered for each of the participating sites including:

  • A baseline pediatric readiness assessment;
  • In-person/virtual trainer visits were made to affiliate sites;
  • Environmental scans and process assessments;

That information assisted sites to prioritize intervention bundle(s) for the coming year, each designed to improve the quality of care provided to pediatric patients in participating facilities. Below is breakdown of selected Intervention Bundles: Bundle Selection

Bundle Selection 1st Choice (Percent of sites) 2nd Choice (Percent of sites)
1 – Weight in Kilograms 30% 28%
2 – Abnormal Vital Signs 58% 41%
3 – Interfacility Transfer 5% 14%
4 – Pediatric Disaster Preparedness 7% 17%

Enthusiasm for the collaborative continues in 2019 with 17 teams and 143 EDs actively involved in PRQC work. In January a second in-person session for collaborative trainers was hosted by the EIIC in Austin, Texas. Brief updates on progress and challenges of each of the teams was shared as well as an update on the data entry system construction. Breakout sessions focused on:

1) Identifying stakeholders to assist in change strategy implementation;

2) Team management and monitoring strategies, and

3) Methods for hard-wiring quality improvement knowledge to ensure sustainability of pediatric quality improvement efforts.

April is focused on All Things Data for the PRQC. On April 2, 2019, the National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center (NEDARC) opened the new data repository for the PRQC. Orientation webinars for data entry into the repository and the accompanying data dashboards depicting individual facility, aggregate team and aggregate collaborative progress are being held throughout the month. Additionally, a comprehensive user guide has been developed and made available to both trainers and champions. In order to provide sufficient time for implementation of change strategies and evaluation of performance and progress, the collaborative will continue through April 2020.

There will be future opportunities to participate in an EMSC Quality Collaborative. Stay tuned to the EIIC website and the EMSCPulse for future announcements.

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