NEDARC Workshop Focused on NEMSIS Data Cube



In late February, NEDARC provided a showcase of the latest NEMSIS data cube for 27 EMSC State Program and data managers in San Diego, CA. Attendees learned how to build queries to inform decision-making processes when designing quality improvement initiatives. Specific queries included: Measuring frequency of vitals by patient acuity; using time/data to compare transport times by agency location/staffing, and counts and proportions of pediatric vs. other patients.


Dr. N. Clay Mann, Principal Investigator for the NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center, led discussions on the NEMSIS data cube's history and applications. Many of the NEDARC staff were there to present, provide technical assistance and support participants of various technical backgrounds feel comfortable navigating the software's options.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Survey results from one anonymous respondents said: "This workshop was educational and really fun. I hope I can attend another one. Thank you NEDARC people for having this workshop! Great job!" Watch the NEDARC website for future workshops.

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