Maine, Newest EMSC State Partnership, Publishes Newsletter

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Marc Minkler, Maine EMSC Program Manager, and the Maine EMSC program have initiated a newsletter to be shared statewide (and further!). The goal is to share a consistent message on a regular basis with all stakeholders in EMS, hospitals, and other caregivers. Maine EMSC intends to provide connections to national news, local interest, educational opportunities related to pediatric care. The newsletter is electronically distributed to all EMS providers, hospital liaisons, and various others and is available on the program website.

When asked how he gets it all together, Minkler indicates that “I have colleagues who are physicians, educators, providers and co-workers review it. Thanks to connections made at the NEDARC workshop last year, Amanda Broussard, the Louisiana program manager has also been a sounding board and graciously helped review materials. I took my inspiration from my daughter’s school principal who sends a weekly update that reflects on the past week and upcoming events. I figured if he could do it weekly, the least I could do is monthly. The “deep dive” is where I spend the most time– I am trying to put my educators hat on and explain the whys and hows of protocols or assessments applicable to all levels of EMS. I have received good feedback from providers for the insight and from hospital staff for the perspective.

I am grateful for our partners who share so much info and being in the Maine State EMS office, allowing access to all of the upcoming classes and conferences. The time I spend connecting with clinicians and stakeholders allows the program to become a hub of info for pediatric care.”

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