Building Partnerships & Collaborations

Achieving any statewide quality improvement initiative is a monumental task. Moreover, for a SP program manager, the prospect of changing state healthcare policies or standard industry practices can be daunting. However, successful implementation of the performance measures and other pediatric emergency care quality improvement initiatives can be achieved through effective utilization of multi-agency and multi-disciplinary partnerships and collaboratives.

A partnership is defined as “a relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility for the achievement of a specified goal.” A collaborative is defined as “to work jointly with others or to work together, especially in an intellectual endeavor.” While partnerships and collaboratives are similar in that they are both built with the intent of meeting a common goal, partnerships are characterized by sustained relationships and individual commitment to the interests of the group. Partnership may also be formally acknowledged through written agreements such as a memorandum of understanding or letter of support. Successful collaborative projects often lead to long-lasting partnerships.

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