The aim of the funding is to improve system readiness and pediatric care in Louisiana’s emergency healthcare system.

Presentations and Updates

Click here to view a brief update on this project, presented at the 2021 EMSC All Grantee Meeting. (presentation starts at 35:10)


  1. Develop a statewide system of PECCs that will provide education, training, and resources regarding pediatric emergency care and equipment to EMS agencies
  2. Establish and maintain partnerships that work toward improved prehospital pediatric emergency care provided by EMS agencies
  3. Increase prehospital pediatric guideline adherence in order to decrease medication errors and improve initiation of appropriate treatment in a prehospital setting
  4. Collect and share data from EMS agencies regarding the results and effectiveness of the PECC program and communicate findings to EMSC stakeholders

Health outcomes to be assessed include mortality, discharge from hospital into a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility, hospital length of stay, and return of spontaneous circulation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.