The Colorado Team's SIM Day

Great learning opportunities abound in beautiful Colorado! See pictures of their simulations below!

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Telluride EMS

The Team heads to Alaska!

Team members Mark Cicero and Sofia Athanasopoulu joined the Alaska EMS Education Team and trained the trainers for SimBox Simulations, doing pediatric outreach in Soldotna, Nikiski and Anchor Point EMS.

CTEMSC Team in Alaska


Simulations in Progress

The Crested Butte Fire Protection District Team practices the care of a critically ill infant. This same simulation is being run across the whole of our project in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Colorado.

Crested Butte SIM

Colorado Pediatric EMS Training Events

Colorado Training in Progress

Colorado Training

SimBox Simulations Empower PECCs to Achieve Their Agency Education Goals

At the January 2022 National Association of EMS Physicians Annual Meeting, our team presented EMS provider evaluations of prehospital pediatric SimBox training. SimBox is a free-to-use, all-in-one resource for simulation education. Strengths of the program include resources for facilitators and debriefers, ease use and avoiding the need for costly simulation equipment. Check out our poster here:

Meriden Connecticut Pediatric EMS Training: Getting Ready for Summer Hazards

Time is Critical in Drowning Response

As part of a combined effort by CT-EMSC and our Targeted Issues Project, we conducted an outdoor experiential learning opportunity for EMS providers from across the state. Participants completed simulations, including a drowning scenario, a child with anaphylaxis from a bee sting, and a teen who had an open leg fracture along with heat stroke.


Check out EMS Physician Educator Dr. Clare Wallner and our project leader Dr. Mark Cicero on the EMS Handoff Podcast. This fun, informative podcast has new content frequently. Click here to listen.