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Screening and Secondary Prevention for Psychological Sequelae of Pediatric Injury

March 1, 2002 - Feb. 29, 2008

Grant Number
H34MC00114 (H34MC02608)
Project Overview
The goals of this project are to (1) refine, validate, and disseminate a screening protocol that is practical and feasible for use in the emergency department, and that aids emergency department staff in assessing risk of post-traumatic psychological sequelae in injured children and their parents; (2) develop and pilot test multiple secondary prevention modules, including assessment of (a) the feasibility of each type of intervention within the ED and trauma care system and (b) the potential efficacy of each intervention in reducing negative psychological sequelae of pediatric injury for children and parents; (3) create and disseminate practical evidence-based guidelines for emergency department and acute care providers concerning screening for risk of post-traumatic psychological sequelae in injured children and their parents; and (4) provide preliminary evidence on promising targets and methods for secondary prevention of these sequelae.

(moved to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia mid-grant cycle)
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
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Flaura Winston, MD, PhD
  • Principal Investigator


Title Format Description Published/Revised Availability
Coping With Injury: Skills for Trauma Recovery, Tools for Kids Booklet This activity book was put together to help children figure out ways to take good care of tehmselves and feel … 2005 Not Available
Helping You Help Your Child Booklet This information and activity book are designed to help parents help their child after an injury. 2005 Not Available
After the Injury: Tips for Kids Booklet This activity document helps children understand their feelings following an injury and guides them to express how they are feeling … 2005 Not Available


Title Type Publication/Event Published/Presented Identifier Details
Traumatic Stress, Depression, and Recovery: Child and Parent Responses After Emergency Medical Care for Unintentional Injury Research Paper/Publication Pediatric Emergency Care 2015
Looking Beyond the Physical Injury: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children and Parents After Pediatric Traffic Injury Research Paper/Publication Pediatrics 1999