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Economic Evaluation of Intensive Care Services for Pediatric Trauma Brain Injury Patients

March 1, 2001 - Feb. 29, 2004

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The goal of this project is to evaluate whether increased spending for treatment of pediatric TBI appears justified. Five objectives of this project: (1) Evaluate the incidence of TBI, procedures used in the treatment of TBI, and outcomes over time for pediatric TBI patients admitted to intensive care units; (2) Evaluate whether rates of intracranial pressure monitoring and outcomes differ according to structural characteristics of the intensive care unit; (3) Evaluate the benefits of intensive care services for TBI patients. (4) Evaluate the costs of services provided to pediatric traumatic brain injury patients admitted to intensive care units. (5) Compare the costs and benefits of intensive care services for pediatric TBI patients.
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Center for Applied Research and Evaluation
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John Tilford, PhD
  • Principal Investigator


Title Format Description Published/Revised Availability
Is More Aggressive Treatment of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Worth It? Book/Book Chapter Chapter in Economic Evaluation in Child Health in Economic Evaluation of Child Health (Wendy Ungar, Editor, Oxford University Press). Traumatic … 2009 Available in Hard Copy Format Only


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