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A Prospective Randomized Study on the Effect of Prehospital Pediatric Intubation on Outcome

Oct. 1, 1993 - Sept. 30, 1995

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Goals (1) educate all paramedics in LA and Orange Counties in pediatric endotracheal intubation; (2) upgrade previously attained pediatric airway management skills including BVM ventilation, obstructed airway management, and trauma airway management; (3) evaluate the success and complication rates of pediatric intubation by paramedics; (4) evaluate the efficacy of BVM ventilation alone versus BVM ventilation followed by endotracheal intubation) in the prehospital airway management of pediatric patients; (5) determine the duration of time that paramedics retain an adequate skill level after being trained in BVM ventilation and intubation; (6) estimate the system and provider agency cost of the additional training; (7) estimate the cost-per-life-saved of including pediatric intubation within the paramedic's scope of practice; and (8) establish a large, urban EMS research coalition.
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Research and Education Institute
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Marianne Gausche, MD
  • Principal Investigator


Title Type Publication/Event Published/Presented Identifier Details
Effect of out-of-hospital pediatric endotracheal intubation on survival and neurological outcome: a controlled clinical trial Research Paper/Publication JAMA 2000
Education of prehospital providers in pediatrics. National Task Force studies EMS pediatric care Article JEMS 1998
The education of out-of-hospital emergency medical personnel in pediatrics: report of a national Task Force Research Paper/Publication Prehospital Emergency Care 1998
PMID: 9737409