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Vermont Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) State Partnership Program

Jan. 1, 1989 - Present

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Vermont EMSC works toward three major goals: 1) to expand and improve emergency medical services for children to ensure that critically ill or injured children receive the right care at the right time, no matter where they live, play, or go to school in Vermont; 2) to collaborate with hospitals statewide to appropriately integrate pediatric services into existing pediatric medical and trauma systems and to ensure these services are supported by optimal resources; and 3) to ensure integration of the mission of the Vermont EMSC Program into state policy. The Vermont EMSC Program plans to reach these goals by working to achieve the federal EMSC performance measures (EMSC 01-09), which dictate tangible and systematic goals that aim to reduce the burden of pediatric morbidity and mortality by integrating pediatric readiness into the current system.
Department of Health, Division of Emergency Preparedness, EMS & Injury Prevention
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Dan Batsie
  • Program Director
Merrill Pine
  • Program Manager
(802) 863-7313
Jamie Rainville
  • FAN


Title Format Description Published/Revised Availability
Foundations of Pediatric Preparedness Virtual Forum Education Module(s)/Curriculum This forum aims to provide practical skills and easy to use tools to enhance pediatric preparedness in both the prehospital … 2020 Available Online
Must register for OPENPediatrics to access material
Vermont Pediatric Safe Program Recognition Program To recognize the commitment of agencies that are improving pediatric emergency care, the Vermont Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) … 2020 Available Online


Title Type Publication/Event Published/Presented Identifier Details
Always Ready for Children: A Regional Approach to Pediatric Recognition in Pediatric Readiness Poster 2021 EMSC All Grantee Meeting 2021
Ready for Children: Assessing Pediatric Care Coordination and Psychomotor Skills Evaluation in the Prehospital Setting Research Paper/Publication Prehospital Emergency Care 2018