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Emergency Medicine Implementing Adolescent Depression Screening in the Emergency Department (ED)

March 1, 2005 - Feb. 29, 2008

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Adolescent depression is a pervasive and often devastating illness, yet is often undetected by healthcare professionals. This project addresses this problem through the development of a computerized screening process for depression in adolescent patients presenting to the emergency department. This project developed, implemented, and assessed the impact of an emergency department (ED) adolescent depression screening tool. Project objectives included: (1) identification of stakeholders' perceived barriers toward, and preferences for, a computerized adolescent depression screening tool for use in the ED; (2) development and pilot testing of the computer based ED screening process for adolescent depression; and (3) assessment of the impact of the screening process on identification and referral rates for children with suspected adolescent depression in the ED.
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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Joel Fein, MD
  • Principal Investigator


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