Family Assessment of Medical Interventions & Liaisons with the Young (FAMILY) EMS Instrument



The FAMILY (Family Assessment of Medical Interventions & Liaisons with the Young) EMS Instrument allows for standardized collection of family and caregiver satisfaction with pediatric EMS care. It was derived via a modified Delhi method; Delphi participants included pediatric emergency physicians and EMS physicians, paramedics, and the family members of children who have required prehospital care, including children with special healthcare needs. Collecting these data can empower EMS agencies and pediatric emergency care coordinators to improve family satisfaction, and potentially the quality of care provided to children in the prehospital setting. 

The tool can be administered via a paper form, distributed via a survey link, or accessed via a QR code. Development of the tool was done with sponsorship from and EMS/HRSA Targeted Issues Grant.