Interfacility transfer

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Toolkit resources

Section 2- Drafting and Implementing IFT agreements

  • Suggested teams for developing an agreement (Figure 1) coming soon
  • Steps for developing an agreement (Figure 2) coming soon

Section 3 - Regulations and Standards

Section 4- Talking points

  • Talking points to support establishing an agreement - coming soon

Section 5- Types and Examples of IFT Agreements

Section 6- Establishing Clinical Processes in Your ED

Sample transfer checklists

Burn patient referral

Section 7 - Transportation considerations

  • Figure 4 - Considerations for choosing the appropriate transport method, University Hospitals - coming soon
  • Figure 5- EMSC transport guidelines for providers, CT EMSC - coming soon

Section 8 - Patient and Family Considerations

Section 9 - Special populations

Children and youth with special health care needs

Infection control

Section 10 - The importance of monitoring quality

Form examples

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Quality improvement resources