PECC Workforce Development Collaborative

September 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022


This collaborative will develop individuals who are interested in improving the quality of pediatric care at their EMS agency, hospital or within their state/region. We will provide resources, example practices and networking opportunities at no cost to help push forward any effort for pediatric improvement.

Who should participate

Anyone that is interested in improving pediatric emergency care at their EMS agency or hospital. You do NOT need to have any formal pediatric training, or a title related to pediatric care. You already have everything you need to participate…an interest in pediatric emergency care.

Why join

We know that the presence of an individual with an interest in pediatric emergency care is strongly correlated with improved outcomes for children. No effort to improve pediatric emergency care is too small to make an impact . This collaborative will have a broad scope. No matter where your starting point is, we will provide you with tools to improve. There is no cost to participate and you will have the opportunity to earn CE credit. Learn more…

How it works

The collaborative will occur in two phases. During phase 1, we will explore seven pediatric readiness areas of focus, evaluate your agency or ED/hospital level of pediatric readiness and identify areas for improvement. In phase 2, we provide coaching and tools to help you develop an improvement project. Learn more…


All collaborative activates will be conducted online and through virtual meetings.

Seven Pediatric Readiness Areas of Focus

Download as a PDF

Seven Domains of Pediatric Readiness 11Feb2021.png