Facility Recognition Collaborative (FRC)

EMSC Grantees Quality Improvement State Partnerships


The EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center spearheaded a QI collaborative to assist state programs in accelerating their progress in improving the pediatric readiness of EDs and to develop a program to recognize EDs in their state that are ready to care for children with medical emergencies. State improvement teams benefited by interacting with experts in both pediatric readiness and facility recognition, as well as a cadre of QI specialists.

The original aim of the collaborative was to increase by 50% the number of states that developed an implementation plan to recognize EDs that are ready to stabilize and/or manage children with medical emergencies based on national guidelines for the care of children in EDs.

This aim was successfully achieved by the conclusion of the collaborative in December 2017. For an in-depth overview of the FRC program and a detailed description of its achievements, please refer to the white paper below or review this Power Point presentation from the 2019 All-Grantee meeting in Washington DC.

Facility Recognition Collaborative: White Paper

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