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Kansas EMSC State Partnership

Jan. 1, 1988 - Present

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Project Overview
The first goal in the program is to enhance the emergency medical care for children by healthcare providers. The objectives to accomplish this goal includes: (1) increasing the quantity and quality of pediatric education for healthcare providers and acquire. (2) disseminate pediatric equipment to EMS agencies and hospitals. The second goal in the program is to give healthcare providers the resources needed to care for children in emergencies. The objectives to accomplish this goal includes: (1) develop materials such as: protocols, policies, and education. (2) offer multiple education formats in rural locations.
Department of Health and Environment, Bureau of Community Health Systems
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Western Plains


Name Role(s) Phone Email
Jessica Baker
  • Program Manager
(785) 296-8433 jessica.baker@ks.gov
Kathy Keck
  • FAN
Wendy O'Hare
  • Project Director
(785) 296-1210 wendy.ohare@ks.gov


Title Format Description Published/Revised Availability
Kansas Pediatric Emergency Information Form (KPEIF) Template/Sample A tool that families can complete to have critical medical information for their child available should EMS personnel need to … January 2021 Available Online
Creating Competency: Tips & Tricks for Implementing Pre-Hospital Skill Demonstration Guidance/Information Maintaining skill and equipment competencies is an important way to ensure providers areprepared no matter what situation they are called … April 2021 Available Online
Interfacility Transfer Toolkit Toolkit Navigating Interfacility Transfers. Transfers can be tricky, but sometimes they’re necessary to ensure a patient is able to receive the … April 2021 Available Online
Kansas Pediatric Transfer Guidebook Handbook/Manual This guidebook will assist you in the development and/or update of your facility’s pediatric interfacility guidelines and agreements. April 2019 Available Online
Pediatric Scenario Guidebook Protocol/Guidelines This resource will walk your providers through a scenario containing vital signs, pertinent patient and call information, graphics, considerations and … April 2018 Available Online
Safe Firearm Storage Family Friendly Tips Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet A one-page flyer including tips for families who own firearms on how to store them safely in a way that … 2020 Available Online
Kansas EMSC FAN Flyer Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet FAN Recruitment flyer 2020 Available Online
Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet Becoming a PECC 2020 Available Online
PECC Resource Binder Handbook/Manual Here, you will find some of the responsibilities of a PECC, along with guidance and resources to help you navigate … 2020 Available Online
Kansas Family Advisory Network New Member Guide Handbook/Manual An orientation guide for new FANs to aid them in becoming comfortable with their role. 2020 Available Online
What the HECC is a PECC? Guidance/Information Learn what a PECC is and why it is important to have one at your EMS agency. 2019 Available Online
Suggested CT Algorithm for Mild Traumatic Head Injury (GCS 14 or 15) Protocol/Guidelines Based on Figure 3 of Kuppermann, et al, Identification of children at very low risk of clinically important brain injuries … 2019 Available Online
Kansas EMSC Program Brochure Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet Tri-fold Flyer on the Kansas EMSC Program 2017 Available Online
Communication Cards Reference Card/Guide This resource is a communication tool for pre-hospital emergency care providers and their patients (designed with young children, non-verbal children … 2016 Available Online
ATV Injury Prevention Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet There are more than 100,000 Emergency Room visits each year due to ATV accidents. Follow the safety tips below for … 2002 Available Online


Title Type Publication/Event Published/Presented Identifier Details
Virtual Pediatric Symposiums Poster 2021 EMSC All Grantee Meeting 2021