Indiana — State Partnership

Indiana Emergency Medical Services for Children Program

Oct. 1, 1996 - Present

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Project Overview
iEMSC focuses on improving the quality of emergency care for children with serious injury and illness, by integrating children’s interests into the existing hospital and EMS system. We represent the unique needs of children within the healthcare community throughout the state, working to ensure that all children everywhere in Indiana have timely access to appropriate emergency medical care.
Indiana University, School of Medicine
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Great Lakes


Name Role(s) Phone Email
Lindsey Haut, MD
  • Project Director
  • Pediatric Medical Director/Advisor
Margo Knefelkamp, MBA
  • Program Manager
(317) 630-7742
Kimberly Mears
  • FAN


Title Format Description Published/Revised Availability
iEMSC Newsletter Newsletter Monthly newsletter 2019 Available Online
Pediatric Button Battery Ingestion Fact Sheet Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet According to the National Capital Poison Center, the number of fatal or debilitating button battery ingestions occurring in young children … 2012 Available Online
Pediatric Lawn Mower Safety Fact Sheet Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet More than 9,000 children younger than 18 years of age are treated in U.S. emergency departments every year for power … 2012 Available Online
Indiana EMSC Fact Sheet Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet Indiana EMSC Fact Sheet 2011 Available Online
Pediatric Flu Provider Resource Fact Sheet/Brochure/Pamphlet Influenza symptoms consist of fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue, and sometimes diarrhea … 2011 Available Online
Preparing to Handle Disasters: Checklist A checklist to help families prepare for a disaster. 2011 Available Online