Breakout 5: Taking EMS Care for CYSHCN to the Next Level - The STARS CYSHCN Database and Special Needs Master Class


Providing EMS care for CYSHCN is inherently challenging and complex. There are literally thousands of different special healthcare conditions, and each patient with special healthcare needs is unique. The presenters will describe two emerging tools for addressing these challenges. The STARS (Special Needs Tracking and Awareness Response System) program offers a special needs registry accessible to EMS providers that provides, among other elements, pre-arrival instructions and patient specific protocols. The Special Needs Master Class offers a new approach to special needs education for EMS providers, incorporating two educational components: (i) a general approach to CYSHCN, and (ii) a focus on the most commonly encountered special healthcare needs. The presenters hope to share the approaches they have developed and seek input from the expertise of the group in moving these programs forward.


  • Eric Jaeger, JD, NRP, EMS I/C
  • Patricia Casey
  • Sandy Nasca