Breakout 4: Facility Recognition Collaborative (FRC) - Brainstorming and Lessons Learned


The FRC Admin team will provide an overview of the Facility Recognition Collaborative. Discussion points will include: tools and resources developed, progress made and collaborative successes, the current state of pediatric facility recognition in the US, ongoing challenges of pediatric medical recognition in the US (program variability, sustainability, national efforts for collaboration, link to outcomes), and lead a discussion on next steps to ensure wider adoption and ongoing success of pediatric medical recognition programs in the United States and Territories.

At the end of this session it is anticipated that participants will be able to:

  • Review the success and challenges of the pediatric facility recognition collaborative
  • Describe the current state of pediatric medical recognition programs in the US
  • Discuss critical factors for ongoing success including sustainability, state and national engagement, and impact on pediatric emergency care


  • Diana Fendya, MSN(R), RN
  • Meredith Rodriguez, Ph.D.
  • Kate Remick, MD
  • Krystle Bartley