Thank you for a successful 2023 EMS for Children Survey

  • Published April 27, 2023
kid with ambulance

The EMSC Data Center (EDC) extends its sincere thanks to everyone who helped make the 2023 EMS for Children Survey a success. The survey received over 8,100 responses from EMS agencies across the country.

The goal of the EMS for Children Survey is to assess agencies’ readiness to care for pediatric patients. This readiness is measured by collecting data on two critical ways to ensure pediatric readiness:

  • appointing a pediatric emergency care coordinator (PECC), or pediatric champion, and
  • providing regular opportunities for skill-checking on pediatric equipment.

These focus areas align with two EMSC program performance measures.

The survey was conducted between January and March of 2023. The EDC hosted and managed the data collection and worked alongside EMSC State Partnership Program managers to elicit responses from EMS agencies.

“As always, support from EMSC State Partnership Program managers was critical to the success of the survey,” says Andrea Genovesi. MA, EDC Operations Manager.

Next Steps

The EDC is currently in the process of exporting, cleaning, analyzing, and finalizing the survey data. Once clean and final, the EDC will create secure, interactive online dashboards for sharing these data with EMSC State Partnership Programs. EMSC State Partnership Program managers will then be able to use this data to better understand how to help EMS agencies in their state improve the pediatric care they provide.

A national report will be available later this year. (Learn about last year’s national results here.)

To learn more about the EMS for Children Survey and EMSC Performance Measures, visit the EDC’s website. For resources on improving pediatric care in prehospital settings, visit the Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project webpage.