Thank you for a successful 2022 EMS for Children Survey!

  • Published April 29, 2022
Prehospital Child

The National EMS for Children Data Analysis Resource Center (NEDARC) would like to send its sincere thanks to everyone who helped make the 2022 EMS for Children Survey a success!  The program received over 8,000 responses from EMS agencies. 

The goal of the EMS for Children Survey is to assess agencies’ readiness to care for pediatric patients. This readiness is measured by understanding EMS agencies’ ability to care for children by collecting data on two specific EMSC performance measures: Performance Measure 02 assesses if an agency has access to a pediatric emergency care coordinator (PECC), while Performance Measure 03 focuses on an agency’s process for skill-checking on pediatric equipment.  

The survey was conducted between January and March of 2022.  NEDARC hosted and managed the data collection while EMSC State Partnership program managers sent survey invitations and reminders and otherwise worked with the EMS agencies in their state or territory to encourage and elicit survey responses. NEDARC also helped call non-respondents when requested by EMSC State Partnership program managers. The contributions by the State Partnership program managers and all of those that contributed to the 2022 EMS Survey for Children was greatly appreciated.

Next Steps

NEDARC is currently in the process of exporting, cleaning, analyzing, and finalizing the survey data.  Once clean and final, secure, interactive online data dashboards will be created for sharing these data with EMSC State Partnership programs.  EMSC State Partnership program managers will then be able to use this data to better understand how to help EMS agencies in their state improve the pediatric care they provide. 

Additionally, NEDARC will be creating a 2022 version of the National EMSC Report for EMS Agencies.  This report will contain aggregate national data from the 2022 EMS for Children Survey and will be shared with all EMS agencies for whom NEDARC has an email address.  This report serves to thank EMS agencies that completed the survey.  It also helps to promote the survey and aids NEDARC to validate email addresses for all EMS agencies for future EMS for Children Surveys.

To learn more about the EMS for Children Survey and EMSC Performance Measures, visit NEDARC’s website.  For resources on improving pediatric care in prehospital settings, visit the Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project webpage