Preserving Mental Health during the Global Coronavirus Pandemic Webinar

  • Published April 13, 2020

The AAP has teamed up with Emory University Global Health Institute, WebMD, Georgia Global Health Alliance, and the Center for Victims of Torture to co-sponsor a webinar to discuss the unique the mental health challenges posed by the pandemic.

The panel of experts, including Dr. Heather Haq from the SOICH Executive Committee, will discuss preserving mental health during self-isolation; prevention of child injury and trauma; challenges to frontline health providers; and equity in immigrant and refugee populations. Please register using the link and join us on April 14th at 12pm EST.

Preserving Mental Health during the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

Panelists and Affiliations Discussion Topics
Rachel Waford, clinical psychologist, Emory RSPH and Psychiatry Public health mental health considerations during pandemic
Hansa Bhargava, Pediatrician and medical editor at WebMD Parenting advice during self-isolation, prevention of non-accidental trauma and injury to children
Heather Haq, American Academy of Pediatrics Section on International Child Health Preserving mental health of frontline healthcare workers domestically and abroad, include impact on trainees
Adaobi Iheduru, Licensed Psychologist & Clinic Manage, Center for Victims of Torture Ensuring equity: Mental health challenges and solutions for immigrant and refugee populations