PEAK: Status Epilepticus updated practice guideline & new bottom line recommendations

  • Published April 29, 2022
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The Pediatric Education and Advocacy Kit (PEAK): Status Epilepticus was launched in December of 2020 with an adaption of Canada’s Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK)  Pediatric Status Epilepticus Algorithm and 17 additional multidisciplinary resources for hospital-based clinicians, prehospital practitioners, and patients and families.  After the success of the PEAK:  Status Epilepticus initial launch, TREKK and the EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center (EIIC) Knowledge Management Domain began a collaborative development process to create a combined US and Canadian version of the Pediatric Status Epilepticus Algorithm and a new resource, Bottom Line Recommendations on Pediatric Status Epilepticus, that provides key facts and recommendations on managing the pediatric patient in status.

All PEAK resources are free and open access.  Each PEAK resource goes through a comprehensive vetting process, including feedback received through the Knowledge management Early Access Program (KEAP).  To become a KEAP member, create an account on the EIIC website and, during registration, select that you would like to receive early access content.