Meet the Managers: Welcome to new managers in Arkansas, Ohio, and West Virginia

  • Published April 27, 2023

The EMSC Program is thrilled to introduce three new State Partnership Program managers for Arkansas, Ohio, and West Virginia.

State Partnership Program managers are vital to the EMSC Program. They work to expand and improve emergency care for children in real-time and at the community and state level. They achieve this, in part, by working on specific performance measures as outlined by the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Meet the Managers

Kellie Tolliver

Arkansas - Kellie Tolliver, EMT-B

Kellie is originally from Nevada and moved to Arkansas in 2018, where she became an EMT in Little Rock. Kellie has been an EMT for 5 years now and absolutely loves it. “I love emergency medicine, as well as caring for the pediatric population. I'm really excited to be in this position where I can help improve the care that children receive in the State of Arkansas.”

When she is not at work, she spends her time with her husband and kids doing a wide variety of things like fishing, camping, and watching Mickey Mouse.

Jess Davis

Ohio - Jess Davis, BA, NRP

Jess joined Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus as the new EMSC State Partnership Project Manager in December 2022. Jess moved back home to Ohio after more than 20 years as a paramedic in Colorado and an Ambulance Director/Emergency Manager in northern Minnesota. She also served in the emergency preparedness role for a hospital system in Colorado Springs during the COVID pandemic.

Jess got her start in EMS as a paramedic at Columbus Children’s Hospital which ignited her passion for pediatric emergency services. This passion is why she is so thrilled to be a part of the EMSC team and have a proactive and positive impact upon the lives of children throughout Ohio. Outside work, Jess loves to visit amusement parks with her son, search for new camping spots, and travel.

Erin Timbrook-small

West Virginia - Erin Timbrook

Erin comes to us with a wide range of experience and background in both EMS and grant writing/management. She has managed multimillion-dollar federal grants for Hampshire County. Previously, Erin worked as a 911 dispatcher, a volunteer EMT, and the Deputy Director for EMS and Emergency Management.

Erin has always enjoyed children as they hold a special place in her heart. She looks forward to the pediatric aspect of her new position. Erin lives with her gorgeous German Shepherd and is an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot!