First learning module kicks off PECC series

  • Published February 29, 2024
pecc module

The presence of pediatric emergency care coordinators (PECCs) in EDs is tied to double-digit increases in pediatric readiness scores and is widely considered the most effective strategy for improving pediatric emergency care. In essence, PECCs ensure adherence to national recommendations on pediatric care, with responsibilities ranging from tracking pediatric equipment and supplies to spearheading pediatric-specific quality improvement.

To help ED providers establish the PECC role in their EDs and grow as effective pediatric champions, the first module in a free, open-access learning module series has launched. Experts recommend EDs have both a physician and nurse PECC; the modules are therefore geared toward ED nurses and physicians.

The first module provides a basic overview of the importance, scope, and responsibilities of PECCs. Upcoming modules will delve into the seven areas of pediatric readiness and more advanced training.

Access the module for ED PECCs – along with other resources and information for both ED and prehospital PECCs – here.