FAN work in the field

  • Published May 31, 2024
Richardson-Head Shot

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Name: Brian Richardson

State/Territory: Maine

In 2021, Maine scored 65 out of 100 in pediatric readiness. Brian Richardson, the volunteer Maine EMSC FAN and senior director of Emergency Management & Preparedness at MaineHealth, saw room for improvement. With children making up 25% of the population and an optimal readiness score being at least 88, the state is constantly seeking to enhance pediatric readiness and outcomes. Working with the EMSC Maine state program manager, Richardson divided his efforts into three areas: family resiliency during disasters, overall pediatric readiness in emergency departments, and increased collaboration at community, regional, and state levels.

In one example of his work in this area, Richardson has collaborated with the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital’s Patient Family Advisory Council to use the Family Voices’ Family Engagement in Systems Tools (FESAT) assessment tool to improve family resiliency. Additionally, efforts are underway to address family education and discharge materials for children with medical complexities.

Another unique example of Richardson’s support is working with Maine EMSC, in partnership with the health care coalition and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program, to bring Pediatric Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness training from Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service to Maine in December 2024. This training, available to EMS providers, municipal governments, hospital personnel, and disaster planners, aims to enhance pediatric disaster planning. Their goal is to collaboratively improve equitable pediatric care access in Maine, both daily and during disasters.