FAN work in the field

  • Published April 30, 2024

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Name: Jordana Carpenter

State/Territory: Arizona

Jordana Carpenter is instrumental in enhancing pediatric emergency care in Arizona. Her efforts stem from her background in emergency medical services, emergency department care, and personal experience as a mother of a medically complex child, have led to increased participation of professionals in pediatric emergency care conferences. 

In October 2023, Jordana spearheaded the creation of the Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Resource Collaborative Project with the Arizona EMSC Program Manager. This initiative, which will launch in 2025, aims to enhance resources for pediatric emergency care coordinators (PECCs) across Arizona by providing tools, training, and support. Her leadership will also streamline resource allocation among PECCs, strengthening emergency services statewide for emergency personnel and families. 

In addition to her involvement in recruitment and resource development, Jordana actively participates in groups such as the Pediatric Pandemic Network, Western Regional Alliance for Pediatric-Emergency Management, and the Pediatric Advisory Council for Emergency Services. Her contributions to these organizations, alongside collaborations with organizations like the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, shape programs and practices for pediatric emergency care in her state.