Family Advisory Network feature

  • Published July 28, 2022
Greta James-Maxfield

Name: Greta James-Maxfield

State: Texas

Why did you become a FAN? I became a FAN after learning from the Texas Parent to Parent Executive Director of the opportunity to network and to share experiences that support experiential learning from populations experiencing the systems of care. I attended a meeting and became a fan – and now I am a Texas FAN for real.

What do you want emergency providers and professionals to know about centering the family in their care? EMS professionals and medical professionals in general should know that we have the data! As Arby's claims they have the "meats," we have the meat of the matter: the data that matters. We may be constrained by lack of formal education for the unanticipated situations we find ourselves in, but we are bringing our motherwork and fatherwork to the table. It is in the interest of medical professionals to learn ways to gain information quickly from parents whose experience comes from infinite numbers of hours as a caregiver in their child's life.