Family Advisory Network feature: Nanfi Lubogo

  • Published September 29, 2021

Name: Nanfi Lubogo

State: Connecticut

Why did you become a FAN? "I have been a FAN for 15 years, and I joined because my daughter was a frequent user of emergency medical services when she was younger. I wanted to work on improving gaps and barriers in service. My ultimate goal is to make sure the voices of families are represented."

What advice do you have for other FANs? "I am so happy to see the FAN voice alive, strong, and active. My advice for new FANs is to not be afraid to step up and lend your voice to the cause. Sometimes you have to be a little loud to get yourself at the table, but it is important that you are there! Non-health professionals can contribute in big ways. Remember: your experiences are your credentials. Now go out there and cause some good trouble!"