Family Advisory Network feature: Mary Ellen Wilson, RN

  • Published November 30, 2021
Mary Ellen Wilson.jpg

Name: Mary Ellen Wilson, RN

State: Maryland

Why did you become a FAN? “I really enjoy being an advocate for patients and families, and my background as a pediatric emergency nurse, and as a mother and grandmother, helps me translate medical information in a way that families can understand. I have also had experience using EMS system. When three of my children were younger, they were involved in a motor vehicle crash while I was working and were transported by EMS to a local hospital, without a pediatric unit. A missed diagnosis led us to a subsequent visit to a pediatric emergency department and created awareness of the need for pediatric education and readiness, regardless of the facility. This has helped me be a better educator for parents, and has inspired me to give back to my community as a FAN.”

What advice do you have for other FANs? “Don't be afraid to speak up. It's important to ask questions and become a partner with your state partnership manager and your community. You should find your passion and do what you can to impact change. It's easy to get overwhelmed, because many issues and projects can be large. It is important to remember to break these issues and projects down into smaller, actionable steps. For example, my passion is ensuring families are emergency ready and know what to expect when they have an emergency. I have created several projects and educational presentations that I use to help educate families on aspects of emergency readiness and ensuring the right care when it counts.”