Ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion across the care continuum

  • Published April 27, 2021
EDI web.jpeg

Disparities in health care are real and pervasive; emergency settings are no exception. For example, according to a study published this January, after adjusting for relevant covariates, non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic pediatric patients were found to have lower odds of undergoing diagnostic imaging compared with non-Hispanic white patients.

In an effort to help reduce disparities in pediatric emergency settings, in February 2021, the Emergency Medical Services for Children Innovation and Improvement Center (EIIC) created a steering committee for its equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) work. This committee was requested by the EIIC board of directors to codify and collate efforts already underway throughout the EIIC.

Led by Sarah Ronis, MD, and Jennifer Talley of the Advocacy domain, the EDI steering committee brings together each of the EIIC domains, representatives from partner organizations, and Family Advisory Network (FAN) members. The goal of the committee is to create an EIIC-specific EDI statement, strategic plan, and guide for best practices, as well as to serve as a coordinating body for efforts among EIIC, partner organizations, and the FAN.

“The mission of the EIIC is to minimize morbidity and mortality of acutely ill and injured children – all children – across the emergency medical services care continuum,” says Ronis. “We are grateful to the steering committee for helping us ensure our improvement efforts are culturally competent and inclusive.”

If you are interested in working on EDI efforts, contact jennifer.talley@uhhospitals.org.