The EIIC is Hiring. Apply today!

  • Published August 30, 2020

The EIIC is hiring for two project management positions. Please see each description below.

Research Operations Associate

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This full-time position in the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine will manage and coordinate the activities of numerous, varied projects of the Knowledge Management Domain. Responsibilities include: Curate and merge evidence-based guidelines, knowledge tools, and toolkit materials in collaboration with our partner organizations on our website. 

  • Establish project plans and conduct work team meetings with required resources, delivery dates and coordinates the timely implementation of the schedule.
  • Collate the implementation packs for community hospital use- order sets, educational resources, podcasts, etc.
  • Manage relationships and triage online requests as they emerge through our website front door.
  • Produce system flow charts to describe existing and proposed systems.
  • Help anticipate possible problems and take a pro-active role in their solutions.
  • Design test products to ensure applications are complete prior to their delivery on the website.
  • Responsible for the accuracy, understandability and maintenance of these documents.
  • Explore other research opportunities through usage analytics
  • Assist in the development and hosting of education and training modules on our website.
  • Manage social media platforms.

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