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Impact and Outcomes of EMSC Program

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An Overview

EMSC Overview

Find an overview of the EMSC Program and its activites here

Find a document outlining examples of EMSC Program Successes here.

Link to references for Overview and Program Successes (updated 7/26/17).

As the healthcare landscape shifts and to ensure continuous improvement to children’s EMS, the program is transitioning to meet changing needs. As all thoughtful and diligent organizations must do, the EMSC Program has developed a 5-Year Roadmap.

State Funding

This page provides documents specific to each state and territory to identify the estimated EMSC funding.

State Gaps

This link will take you to a listing of state by state comparisons of EMSC Performance Measures results compared to the National average.

Creating Knowledge

Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network

This link will take you to the PECARN website. 

This Infographic demonstrates the work and impact of PECARN

Targeted Issues Program

SPROC Program

Taking Action


Disaster Planning

Prehospital Care

Hospital Based Care

Dowload the National Pediatric Readiness Project White Paper here

Success Through

Quality Improvement

Data and Analytics

This link will take you to the NEDARC site.