Scott Oglesbee, MPH. NRP, CCEMT-P

Knowledge Management Domain Fellow

Scott Oglesbee.jpg

Becoming captivated with EMS as a journalist, Scott Ogelsbee, MPH. NRP, CCEMT-P volunteered at the local fire department and worked ski patrol during winters. Later he graduated as valedictorian of his paramedic class, and worked as a paramedic, field supervisor and critical care paramedic before becoming involved in pediatric emergency medicine research.

Research encompassed both his lifelong passions as a writer and a healthcare provider. Currently, Scott is pursuing a PhD in Pharmacoeconomics, Epidemiology, Pharmaceutical Policy and Outcomes Research (PEPPOR) at the University of New Mexico. His favorite pastime is farming along the acequia, or irrigation ditch, in the village of Las Trampas, New Mexico.

Area of Interest: Prehospital care