Essential Resources Necessary for Building Pediatric Surge Capacity

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Pediatric Surge Planning Train the Trainer

  • The purpose of this course is to help prepare general acute care facilities to the challenges of pediatrics. The course is designed for a target audience that has knowledge of disaster planning. It is based on in-depth research of best practices and other existing curricula to bring best practice. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare hospitals and clinics have the tools to respond more effectively in a disaster which involves a surge of child victims.

Preparedness Checklist for Pediatric Practices

  • This checklist empowers pediatricians to be ready to provide care for their patients when normal operations are disrupted due to emergency events by having fundamental supplies to ensure self-sufficiency for at least 72 hours. (2013)

Coordinating Pediatric Medical Care During An Influenza Pandemic: Hospital Workbook

  • This workbook is intended to assist hospitals with coordinating medical care for pediatric influenza-like illness (ILI) across their community. This tool can be adapted for use during pandemic spread of a novel influenza virus as well as H1N1. It is presented in two sections, identified by type of hospital focus: Children’s Hospital Focus and General Hospital Focus. (January 2010)