Nurses are at the center of pediatric readiness.

Pediatric readiness is defined as being prepared to provide the unique care acutely ill and injured children require in emergency settings. Pediatric readiness guidelines for emergency departments specifically recommend having a nurse in the role of pediatric champion, also known as a pediatric emergency care coordinator (PECC).

What makes our resources and programs different?

  • Free and open access
  • Collaboratively developed across disciplines and settings
  • Partnerships with Emergency Nurses Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Emergency Physicians, and others
  • The Innovation and Innovation Center is part of Emergency Medical Services for Children, a federally funded program for improving pediatric emergency care

Programs & Resources for Nurses

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Pediatric readiness resources and assessment

Find a toolkit, checklist, guidelines, and more.

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Pediatric champion role resources

Learn about establishing or developing a pediatric champion role in your ED.

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Collaborative opportunities

We offer 1-2 collaborative opportunities a year, each with a particular focus.

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Condition-specific clinical resources

Access practice guidelines, algorithms, and more-- or join a program to participate in resource development.

Education and Resources
Learning and CE opportunities

Access toolkits, modules, and more.

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Scholars and Fellows Programs

Apply for career development opportunities.

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