Further Reading

The September 2018 issue of Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine was guest edited by Dr. Charles Macias and Dr. Katherine Remick. The entire issue is dedicated to the EMSC. This is a great way to learn about the EMSC and familiarize yourself with some of our recent projects

A Tale of Two Populations: Addressing Pediatric Needs in the Continuum of Emergency Care, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Volume 65, Issue 6, June 2015. This article describes the role of the EMSC program in the development of the pediatric emergency care system.

March 2014 issue of Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine, which is dedicated to EMSC’s 30-year celebration and features 15 articles written by EMSC champions.

The Emergency Medical Services for Children Program: Accomplishments and Contributions, Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 7:1, 6–14, March 2006

What is the EMSC Program

This is a 2 page summary of the EMSC program, explanation of grants, infrastructure and partnerships. Revised 2018.

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A SemiAnnual Report on Program Activities report contains information about Program activities, partnerships, and events is distributed to federal and professional organizational partners of the EMSC program.

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