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Advancing Family-Centered Care and Quality Self-Assessment for Pediatric Resuscitation Readiness

Sept. 1, 2016 - Aug. 31, 2021

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Project Overview
This project will advance pediatric resuscitation readiness by creating new capacity for rigorous quality improvement (QI) beyond academic centers and specialized children’s hospitals. Each phase of the project will engage key stakeholders, including frontline providers at community EDs and EMSC state partnership grantees in two states. We will create and disseminate a web-based Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Self-Assessment Toolkit that will enable community EDs across the US to reliably self-assess, measure and iteratively improve their performance in pediatric resuscitation via video review, assessment and debriefing. The first comprehensive QI package for the toolkit, to be created and tested as part of this project, will address a critical gap in our nation’s pediatric readiness by improving the quality of family-centered care during pediatric resuscitation. We will delineate specific, evidence-based family-centered care practices and metrics and translate these into vetted QI tools for assessment and practice improvement across diverse hospitals. A randomized trial in a set of community EDs will evaluate the effectiveness of these new tools.
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD
  • Co-Principal Investigator
Sage Myers
  • Principal Investigator


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