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EMSC State Partnership Program & Rural Expansion Project – Colorado

Jan. 1, 1992 - Present

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Project Overview
The purpose of the Colorado EMS for Children State Partnership Program will be to expand and improve emergency medical services for children who need treatment for trauma or critical care. This program will improve systems of emergency pediatric care by focusing on electronic health information systems, coordination of care, increased education for the emergency care workforce, integration of pediatric care components, and outcome improvement through quality improvement initiatives. Progress will be measured against national performance measures and program objectives established by HRSA.

Colorado also received funding for the EMS for Children State Partnership Rural Expansion Program grant. With this funding, Colorado EMSC will respond to the needs in Colorado's rural, remote, and tribal communities, we intend to: 1) Increase the number of hospitals in rural, remote and tribal communities recognized by a pediatric medical recognition program and 2) Increase the number of pediatric emergency care coordinators. Utilizing the Colorado Pediatric Preparedness for the Emergency Room (COPPER), Colorado Pediatric Emergency Care Coordination (COPECC), and the EMS for Children Mobile Simulation Program, we will provide comprehensive training using a statewide program and expert consultation to provide programmatic support to EDs and EMS agencies in the three key areas of youth mental health emergencies, child abuse and neglect, and trauma-informed care. Contact Dr. Kathleen Adelgais (information below) for more information about this project.
University of Colorado School of Medicine
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Western Plains


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Kathleen Adelgais, MD, MPH
  • Project Director
  • Pediatric Medical Director/Advisor
(303) 724-2578
Nicolena Mitchell, NRP
  • Program Manager
(303) 724-2565
Sara Mullins
  • FAN


Title Format Description Published/Revised Availability
Identify Child Abuse Website/Webpage/Wiki Online educational modules intended to assist healthcare providers in determining the difference between accidental and intentional injuries in children. Continuing … Published 2017; Revised 2020 Available Online
Online Pediatric Education Education Module(s)/Curriculum Various training videos. Topics include: Disaster Preparedness, Respiratory Distress, Seizures, Anaphylaxis, Burn Care, etc. 2020 Available Online
EMS for Children Colorado: 2020-2025 Strategic Plan Strategic Plan This strategic plan is intended to be in effect though at least the remainder of the current grant cycle. 2020 Available Online


Title Type Publication/Event Published/Presented Identifier Details
Colorado State Trauma Designation and Pediatric Readiness Poster 2021 EMSC All Grantee Meeting 2021
Leveraging EMS for Children State Partnerships to Improve Pediatric EMS Care Research Paper/Publication Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2018