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Equipment for Ground Ambulances: Summary of Changes 2009 – 2014

This article summarizes changes made in the recently published ground ambulance equipment list subsequent to when the list was last published in 2009. The current list represents a consensus by seven organizations, all of which appointed members to a joint task force to assist with defining the current standard for ground ambulances in the United States. The Equipment for Ground Ambulances Joint Policy Statement was published in Prehospital Emergency Care18(1):92-97, 2014.

Evidence Generation to Knowledge Translation: The PECARN Head Injury Story

Dr. Peter Dayan's presentation from the 2017 EMSC Quality Transformation Meeting discussed strategies in knowledge translation and implementation science and provided examples from the PECARN Traumatic Brain Injury study on how knowledge is translated into practice with an electronic decision support tool.

PECARN – Developing Evidence & Its Implementation

To provide an overview of recent findings and ongoing projects with emphasis on how PECARN discovery has been disseminated and translated into practice, here is a presentation by Dr. Richard Ruddy from the 2017 EMSC Quality Transformation Meeting.

PECARN Primer: A Guide for Research Coordinators in the Pediatric Emergency Care Network

The purpose of this guide is to orient research coordinators and research assistants to the EMSC program, and their role within PECARN. It includes how to navigate eRoom, use Trail DB, prepare for a site monitoring visit, and recruit and retain patients for a PECARN study.

Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation Checklist

Implementing a checklist is a low-cost option that has been shown to reduce errors in several medical domains. This toolkit is designed to help hospitals create a trauma resuscitation checklist.

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