Get Ready for the Next Assessment!


Need to find your previous results?

ED personnel who wish to obtain a copy of their facility's assessment results should contact their local State Partnership Manager. To find his or her contact information, please visit our EMSC Grants Database. Select "State Partnership" from the type dropdown as well as your state and check the "current" radio button. Click "View Grant Details" to see the contact information for your state.

Verifying Hospital Lists for the NPRP Assessment Webinar

NEDARC will host a webinar on March 25th for EMS for Children Program Managers. NEDARC sent an outlook appointment to all managers. This webinar will demonstrate how the Contact List Management System (CLMS), survey website, and the NEDARC Tableau dashboards work together and will show managers how to update and verify their hospital data in the CLMS. This webinar will be recorded and archived for viewing.