What is a PECC?

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By appointing a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) within your agency, you are ensuring the treatment and transport needs of a pediatric patient are carried out properly and to the best of your team’s ability. The PECC will be a voice for pediatric patient needs and will work specifically with your protocols, equipment, resources and transfer guidelines to help your organization create an agency-specific plan for all pediatric patients.

Anyone within your agency can be the designated PECC. The best choice for this role is someone who has a passion for pediatric patients and a working knowledge of the resources within your area. Examples of roles within your service that could serve concurrently as a PECC:

  • Paramedic with an interested and knowledge of pediatric care and equipment.
  • QA/QI Team Member
  • Education Coordinator
  • Chief Paramedic

Interested in becoming a PECC for your agency or ED?

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