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Training Equipment Libraries

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Missouri EMSC has established seven training equipment libraries throughout the state. All equipment is free to loan to any EMS or hospital provider.

Through outreach efforts, MOEMSC has had multiple services and EDs state that a lack of a pediatric training manikin hinders them from being able to run skills or scenario training. In order to help eliminate this barrier, we have created training equipment libraries.

The libraries are hosted at various EMS agencies and hospitals across the state for a 6-month rotation. All hosts are instructed to allow for equipment loans to EMS and hospital staff throughout their area, so please reach out to the host agency or MOEMSC office if you are interested in utilizing equipment.

Current Hosts & Availability


  • The Children's Mercy - Kansas City
  • Holt Community Fire Protection District
  • St. Francois Ambulance District
  • Rock Township Ambulance District
  • Monroe City Ambulance District
  • Montgomery County Ambulance District

Current Availability:​

  • 1 – Prestan CPR Infant with Feedback Device
  • 1 – 5-year-old Gaumard CPR and Trauma Trainer Manikin
  • 1 – Life/form Micro-Preemie Simulator
  • Multiple pieces at the Columbia library – View list here

Host an Equipment Library!

You must have a registered PECC with our office in order to host a library.
Upon completion, please email the application to Danielle Lee.

Host Application